Micro:bit & Micropython kurz

Course title Micro:bit & Micropython 
Short description  After the course students should understand the terms:Python programing language, microprocessor programming, electronics, programmable microcontrollers, Micro:bit, MicroPython, Arduino IDE, serial communication, compilation, hardware sensors
Course language  English / Slovak
Prerequisites none
Course instructor  Marek Mansell is an enthusiastic programmer, volunteer and experimentator 🙂 He currently studying Networking technologies at Slovak University of Technology and leadership in Nexteria Leadership Academy. He is  vice-chairman of SPy, a civic association which is the organiser of PyCon Slovakia and monthly Python meetups in Bratislava. He is a hardware engineer and develop embedded products.
Link  https://marekmansell.sk/en/


Target group and age Electronics beginners
Learning outcomes Graduates should understand the basic principles of designing and programming hardware devices. Thanks to practical projects, they will learn the basics of hardware automation and embedded software development. During the course they will learn how to sense the real world through electronic devices such as temperature and humidity sensors, motion sensors, light sensors and much more. After programmatically processing the data they will use devices such as relays, motors, lights or buzzers to react to the changes in the environment.  
Course contents and goals  MicroPython, electronics programming, understanding the concept of programming Micro:bit microcontrollers, distinguishing different microcontrollers, SoC (System on Chip), wireless communication, communication protocols, security protocols, LED switching, multi color LED controller, light dimming, current and voltage measurement, battery power usage
Course duration 3 week
Course structure   2 hours (hands on workshops) is part of a 3 courses block, following a logical progression. However, they can be followed independently, according to the needs and skills of the participants. Participants must bring their own laptop.
Assessment mode assessment based on presentation of real products  
Min. and max number of attendees    5-15
Dates of the course   3.10.2018 14:00-16:00